The SCACA is thrilled to introduce another valuable perk for our members. One aspect often overlooked in coaching is the challenge of relocating and selling a home. Yet, many coaches lack the expertise and time needed to ensure they receive fair value for their property. Recognizing this need, the SCACA has forged a partnership with Chris Collins, a seasoned professional with over 28 years of experience as a South Carolina Head Coach, Athletic Director, coach, and educator, along with more than 5 years in real estate.

Chris Collins is dedicated to helping you navigate this process smoothly. He will connect you with a knowledgeable realtor statewide who understands the unique challenges faced by coaches when purchasing a home. Additionally, he will furnish you with a Moving Book, a comprehensive guide to your new area, including information on local daycares, churches, hospitals, utilities, and more. With Chris Collins' expertise and support, finding the right situation for you has never been easier.

Contact Chris Collins today to find the right real estate solution for you:


Phone: (843) 270-7143