A. The membership fees will be $50.00 if paid prior to July 10th of each year and $55.00 if paid thereafter or at the clinic.  An additional cost will be added to pay dues to any of the Auxiliary Associations who collect dues.  At present these are: Athletic Trainers, Baseball, Basketball, CAWS (softball & volleyball), Cheerleading, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, Soccer, Strength, Swimming, Tennis, Track/Cross Country, and Wrestling.

  B.  All Auxiliary organizations that collect membership fees or hold meeting in conjunction with our annual clinic must first be a member of the South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association, Inc.

C.   If Auxiliary Associations want to raise their dues, the request must be made in writing to the SCACA Board by July 10th of the previous year. Once an auxiliary group receives an increase in dues the group cannot request another increase for at least two years.

D.  Auxiliary Associations’ financial statements are due by December 31st of each year.  Once the SCACA office receives the statement, auxiliary dues will be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer of the Association.


A. Transfer shall be approved by the SCACA Board at a regularly scheduled board meeting.
      1.  The board must be made aware of the transfer request at least 10 days in advance.
       2. Transfer request must be approved with a ⅔ majority vote. 

B. Transfer of funds from the Investment Account to the General Account shall be limited to the prior year’s gains, not to exceed $40,000.00.
     1. Use of transferred gains shall be limited to financing the Herlong Scholarship Program and the Annual All Sports Clinic. 

C. The principal shall not be used for recurring expenses.

D. $1,151,211.28 is the principal of the account as of December 28, 2023.


A.  President:  The President shall be the chairperson of the Board of Directors, and an ex-officio member of all committees, except the committee on nominations.

B.  Vice President:  There shall be a 1st and 2nd vice   president.  In the absence of the president, the vice presidents, in order of rank shall assume the duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

C. Immediate Past Presidents:  The immediate past president shall serve as chairman of the committee on nominations, as a member of the constitution and by-laws committee and such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

D. Executive Director:  The Executive Director shall perform duties as are listed here-in, and such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

1. Shall keep the minutes for all meetings of the Board of Directors.

2. Shall receive all applications for membership and shall keep a roster of same:  and shall have charge of all credentials at the annual clinic.

3. Shall collect all fees, place said fees in a selected depository, keep accurate records of all funds  (including numbered receipts and itemized deposits) and shall render a full and audited financial report to the Board of Directors as soon as possible after the close of the year or at the annual meeting.

4.  Shall send out all notices of meetings and shall have charge of all printing necessary to the association.

5.  Shall employ such office staff as necessary to perform the business of the association and within annual budget limitations.

6.  He/She or their designee shall obtain and schedule clinicians and shall solicit exhibitors for the annual clinic.

7.  The salary of the Executive Director will be set by the Board of Directors.

8.  Shall transfer all correspondence, receipts, funds and other materials and equipment to (his/her) successor within a period of 60 days and only after a complete audit of all association finances and properties.

9.   Shall give a least 6 months notice to Board of Directors prior to resigning or retirement.

10. The Executive Director, or an official representative from the association, shall meet the all-star teams and coaches prior to the first practice to co-ordinate all activities.

11.  Shall notify all officers, directors, and committee chairperson of the time and place of scheduled meetings at the annual clinic no less than two weeks prior to say clinic.

E.  Board of Directors:  Shall perform the duties listed below.

1. Transact general business of the association.

2. Receive and consider recommendations from the sports chairperson.

3. Establish major administrative policy governing affairs of the association; and devise and develop measures for the growth and development of the association.

4. Set the date and site for the annual clinic.

5. Approve the coaching staffs for the All/Star Games/Matches submitted by Auxiliary Groups.

6. Approve Hall of Fame nominees submitted by the Hall of Fame Committee (Past Presidents of the SCACA)

7. Elect a Coach of the Year for each sport from a list of nominees submitted by the Auxiliary Association.

8. Elect the yearly recipient of the Charles Arthur Stuart Athletic Administrator Award and the Tallulah & Keith Richardson Distinguished Service Award.

9. Supervise election of new directors. The candidate receiving the most votes in the Board election will be elected.

F. Sports Chairperson:  Duties are:

1. To recommend to Executive Director clinicians for annual clinic.

2. To recommend to the Board of Directors three nominees for Coach of the Year and All Star Coaches for North-South Games/Matches.Upon checking membership and years, the board will make the final decision.

3. Sports Chairperson will meet with the board at the March board meeting and report any business they deem necessary.

4. Appointments for sports chairperson will be for a 3 year term beginning 1981. They can serve longer if agreeable.


A. The Board of Directors shall meet prior to the annual clinic.

B. The Board of Directors shall meet during the week of the North/South All-Star Football Game.

C. The Board of Directors shall meet prior to the annual Principals/AD Conference which is held in March.

D. The Annual Business Meeting will be held during the All-Sports Clinic.

E. The Board of Directors shall meet any other time deemed necessary by the President or the Executive Director.

F.  The Association will pay the expense of the Executive Director and spouse to attend any national meetings that is deemed to be necessary by the Board of Directors or the Executive Director. The rate for these persons representing the association at meeting and conventions, etc. will be as listed below:

Travel: Car: state rate

Plane: commercial flight plus taxi fee.

Lodging: Pay entire fee for room.


The following awards will be made by the Association.

1. Twenty Year, twenty-five year,  thirty year, thirty-five year, forty year, forty-five year, fifty year, fifty-five year and up (in increments of 5 years) service awards.

2.  Presidents Award

3.  Coach of the Year Awards

4.  Assistant Coach of the Year

5.  Middle or Junior High School Coach of the Year

6.  Hall of Fame

7.  Charles Arthur Stuart Athletic Administrator Award

8.  Tallulah & Keith Richardson Distinguished Service Award

9.  Special Service Awards to Members going off board


A. Selection of Coaches

1. A list of nominated All-Star Coaches is sent to the SCACA Office by each auxiliary group that sponsors an All-Star event. After checking to make sure all nominated coaches are a current SCACA member with a minimum of 5 years, the list of nominated coaches is sent to the Board of Directors for approval

2. The 5 year membership requirement can be waived by the Executive Director if  extenuating circumstances exist.

B. Selection of Personnel

1. All participants in our North/South All-Star Games/Matches and all participants in SC vs. NC (or other states) Games/Matches must be nominated by their head coach.

2. All participants must be in their final year of eligibility.

3. All participants and their parent/guardian must return to the SCACA office or its designee a signed Letter of Acceptance agreeing to rules and regulations established by the SCACA and the appropriate auxiliary association.

4.  Sponsorship fee for each individual participating in a North/South event or SC vs. NC (or other states) event is $100.

5.  If  a student athlete is chosen to participate in a North/South All-Star event or a SC vs. NC (or other states) and the nomination form is received after the published deadline, there will be a $100 late fee.

6.  If a student athlete is chosen to participate in a North/South All-Star event or a SC vs. NC (or other states) and the head coach is not a SCACA member, the sponsorship fee will be $200.


A. Clinicians, Officers, and Directors – no alcoholic beverages may be charged to the association expense account.

B. All clinicians must be secured by the Executive Director or his/her appointee.

C. All exhibitors must be secured by the Executive Director or his/her appointee.


A complete audit, by an outside firm, will be distributed to the Board of Directors at the July meeting.


A. The Bylaws can be amended by the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled Board Meeting or a special called meeting. Board Members must receive in writing the proposed change at least two weeks prior to the meeting.