Minutes of SCACA’s Officer and Directors Meeting

River Bluff High School Gator Commons

March 3, 2022 1:00 PM



President Derek Youngblood called the meeting to order. All Board members were present.

The minutes of the December meeting were approved. Coach Dula went over 2021 Salary information and the January, February 2022 Salary information. He also went over Major Expenses from December 2021 through March 1, 2022.


Derek Youngblood then shared a letter from Jack Taylor of Charles Schwab, regarding the SCACA’s 2021 investments.


SCACA’s membership for 2021 was 6,926, which is the 2nd largest total. In addition, all the Auxiliary Associations have gained membership and $50,000 in Auxiliary fees was distributed to their accounts as of Dec. 31st.


2022 membership packets have been mailed out to all Athletic Directors in large red envelopes. Some were handed out at the Athletic Directors Clinic in Charleston. Online membership forms will be opened back up by the end of March.


Mary reported that $87,500 was rewarded in scholarships in 2021.


Coach Dula went over the Financial Data from 2021 Paypals, Vendors and Membership.


This will be Mike Beasley’s last year as the SCACA SCHSL representative. David Byrd will serve as the SCACA SCHSL representative elect during Mike’s last year and will take over in August 2022.


Derek stressed that the Assistant Coach of the Year and Middle/Junior High Coach of the Year ballots are due in the office by March 10,2022.


Derek then went over the Coach of the Year selection process and reviewed the North/South All Star alignment.


New Business was then gone over by Derek Youngblood.

He announced the recommendation of the Richardson Distinguished service award go to Andy Heen and the Charles Arthur Stuart Athletic Administrator Award go to Tommy Bell.

He then went over the proposed changes to bylaws and all were in favor.


The 2022 Clinic will be July 24-27 at the Greenville Convention Center. Hotel information is now available on our website and the Host Hotel will be Hyatt Downtown.


Board Positions for Election 2022 are AAAAA Lower, AAAA Upper, AAA Lower, AA Upper and A Lower. To have your name placed on the ballot we must receive the request in writing in the SCACA office by June 1, 2022.


The SCACA Executive Director job description will be emailed out April 15th and hoping to post the job opening August 1st.


Coach Dula then gave a Hall of Fame update and 7 Hall of Fame nominees were approved unanimously.


The next meeting will be held Saturday July 23, 2022 at the Greenville Convention Center with a 6:30 pm dinner with the Board meeting following.


Mike Srock made a motion to adjourn and Doug Shaw 2nd the motion.








MARCH 3, 2022

10:00 AM



President Derek Youngblood called the meeting to order.

Charles Gee opened the meeting with prayer.

Coach Dula thanked all the auxiliary representatives for coming to represent their sport.

Coach Dula then went over membership numbers for the past 4 years. He announced that every sport went up in membership for 2021 with a total of 6,926 members for 2021. This is the second most members the SCACA has ever had.

Coach Dula went over the auxiliary financial sheet.

Coach Dula then went over the 2022-2024 North-South All Star Alignment. This will go into effect next fall. He then asked the auxiliary heads to look over the Calendar of Events dates involving their sport and let us know over the next couple of weeks if we need to change any dates or locations.

Coach Dula then asked for everyone to look over the 2021 Clinic brochure for the schedule for this coming 2022 Clinic. He asked for each sport to check the dates and times for their speakers, auxiliary business meeting and rules meeting. If any changes are needed to be made, please request by April 1, 2022.

Everyone was given a copy of the constitution and bylaws. The SCACA membership packets in the red envelopes were also given out to be passed along to Athletic Directors.

Derek Youngblood went over the Hall of Fame information. 190 members as of 2021 induction with 167 men and 23 women.

Derek Youngblood then asked each representative of their auxiliary to come up and give a brief report on what was going on in their sport.


The following gave reports on their sport:

Athletic Trainers – Jason Nussbaum, Lugoff Elgin:

120 members. They are working on getting Athletic Trainers more involved in SCACA. CPR AED will be offered at the Clinic, this is a great opportunity. They are looking at creating a resource library for members.

Baseball – Art Boozer, Newberry High:

384 members. 175 Coaches attended the Winter Baseball Clinic. North South All Star game will be May 31st and June 1st at Lexington High School. $2,500 donated to scholarship fund.

Basketball – John Combs, Westwood:

708 members. This year the North South All Star Basketball game will be a 1 day event on March 19th at Brookland Cayce High School. The NC vs SC Carolina Classic will be March 26th at Hoggard High School in Wilmington, N.C.

CAWS (Volleyball & Softball) – Jackie Shealy, Gilbert High and Michelle Yeater, Midland Valley High:

597 members. They issued three $1,000 scholarships to athletes. Softball North South All Star event will be June 14th and 15th at USC Aiken. They have donated $1,500 to the Herlong Scholarship.

The North South All Star Volleyball event was a 1 day event this past November 20, 2021 at West Florence High School.

Cheer – Gwen Clark, Whitmire High:

261 members. They are donating $1,000 to the Herlong Scholarship and also provided five $1,000 scholarships to children of coaches who are members of the organization. They had over 100 teams participate in the Debbie Rogers Cheer Classic held at the Colonial Life Arena this past October 30th.

Football – Mike Ware and Jimmy Noonan, Georgetown:

1,378 members. Donating $5,000 to Herlong scholarship. They had a recruitment fair during the North South Football week with over 90 High Schools and 30 Colleges attending. They are trying to find time for the Hall of Fame Banquet. They will venture into a combine series this spring with Neil Smith heading it. They hope to grow membership by 20%.

Golf – Roger Smith, River Bluff:

186 members. Held their North South Girls Golf event this past November at the Greenwood Country Club and the South won. Challenges they face are turn over with coaches and sites for qualifiers and State tournaments. They will hold their Boys North South event at Litchfield Beach on May 20 through May 22nd. The Sport of golf is really growing.

Lacrosse – Matt Fox, Socastee:

100 members. Membership is up. Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports. They had a great Clinic this summer. They are having to postpone the North South All Star event due to location issues; they will have it next year.

Middle/Jr. High School – Sherry Smith:

Membership is up to over 300. Sherri asked for the High School coaches to make contact with the Middle School/Jr. High coaches and push membership and the Clinic. Reaching out to them and showing you care would mean so much to them.

Soccer – Dick Smith and Kevin Heise, Gray Collegiate Academy:

338 members. All time high for soccer. They held their winter clinic in January this year with senior combine. They had 80 coaches attend. Sixty kids attended the combine with 3 young ladies getting College scholarship offers. The North South game will be June 17th – 18th at T.L. Hanna High School. The Clash of the Carolinas Soccer will be held at WakeMed Soccer Park, Cary N.C. June the 24th – 25th.

Strength – Eric Cash, Dorman High and Coach Garrett Knight, Great Falls High:

210 members. They gave $5,000 to the Herlong Scholarship last year and are going to this year again. The State Strength Championship will be held March 26th at Brookland-Cayce High School. They held their 7th annual Strength clinic and had about 100 attendees. They announced that if you are looking for speakers for the Summer Clinic to grab a strength coach. They are more than willing to do it.

Swim – Cynthia Vanbuskirk, Fort Mill High:

94 members with goal to hit 100 this year. This year will be the first year they will recognize two separate Coach of the Years. One for Boys Swim Coach of the Year and one for Girls Swim Coach of the Year. They are working on trying to have an All Star meet for swim.

Tennis – Steve Grooms:

153 members. Hopes to grow more next year. The North South All Star Girls Tennis was held in Myrtle Beach November 12th – 13th. The Boys will be held in Myrtle Beach on May 13th and 14th. They are both hosted by Jerri Himmelsbach.

Track & Cross Country – Chris White, Seneca High:

Up to 507 in membership. Trying to bring in as many coaches as possible. Even though the Shrine Bowl was cancelled this year they still did the Shrine Bowl run. It was held at CIU. This is their 1st year having 16 athletes at the State meet.

Wrestling – Mary spoke for Greg Brewer, West Oak:

230 members. $3,000 donated to the Herlong Scholarship.

Mary announced The Coach Nathan Day memorial wrestling scholarship they will be presenting for the 1st time this year.


Derek Youngblood then went over a few reminders:

  1. Provide three Coach of the Year nominees
  2. Financial reports are due by December 31st

of each year. You will receive your auxiliary

dues once we receive your financial statement.

  1. Request for dues increase for 2023 must be made

in writing by July 10, 2022 – once receiving an

increase in dues, auxiliary groups should not

request another increase for at least two years.

  1. 2022-2025 clinics to be in Greenville, Hyatt host hotel
  2. Please turn in your speakers for the July clinic asap.

(No later than May 1, 2022)

  1. Auxiliary chairpersons are responsible to have

projectors for your sessions.

  1. Scholarship forms are available and must be returned

by April 1, 2022.

  1. June 1 is the deadline to submit email to SCACA office asking

for your name to be placed on ballot for SCACA Board position

Mike Beasley, SCACA Representative thanked everyone for their leadership and the work that Charles Gee does being there for Coaches. He then turned it over to Dr. Jerome Singleton, Commissioner. He announced that they are open to coming to the individual auxiliary meetings.

The League is reviewing and going over the entire Handbook. Realignment has just been done.

He announced that the number of officials is dropping and we need to renew our effects of recruiting officials.

Derek Youngblood then asked if there were any questions or discussion and there was none.

Charles Gee then gave the invocation for lunch.