DECEMBER 9, 2021

Following the invocation by Chaplain Charles Gee and Lunch for Board Members and their guests, SCACA President Derek Youngblood called the meeting to order.  All were present except Joey Moore, who was absent for a family wedding.

The minutes of both July meetings were approved.  Cindy Jacobs reported on the “All Clear” status of the 2020 Audit conducted by McKinley-Cooper, CPA.  Coach Dula went over 2021 Salary information and Major Expenses from July 15-Dec. 1, 2021.  He continued financial discussion with the overall expenses of the 2021 All Sports Clinic, Greenville, was $112,991.80. Corporate Sponsors and other Clinic financing totaled $63,480.90, which resulted in having to take $49,510.90 from the General Operating Fund to cover the remaining expenses.

Mary Dula announced that 175 scholarships were distributed, totaling $87,500 for 2021. She also said that 2021 Scholarship donations totaled $44,593, requiring $42,907 coming from the General Operating Fund.  Derek Youngblood reported a list of 37 individuals/families that made donations to the 2021 Scholarship Fund, including 9 Auxiliary Associations.

Derek then shared a letter from Jack Taylor of Charles Schwab, regarding the SCACA’s 2021 investments.

SCACA’s membership as of Dec., 1, 2021 is 6,889, which is the 2nd largest total.  In addition, all of the Auxiliary Association have gained membership and $50,000 in Auxiliary fees will be distributed to their accounts as of Dec. 31st.

Derek reported on the fall North-South events and then called on Charles Gee, Sherry Smith, and Mike Beasley for special reports.  After these reports, Derek reminded all that the All Sports Clinic will be in Greenville for 2022,2023, 2024, 2025 with the Hyatt Regency Downtown being the Host Hotel.  Cindy Jacobs expressed excitement regarding the attendance of Vendors in 2021 and some who, were unable to attend, are planning for 2022 Clinic.

Mary shared the process for distributing the $20,000 of the Dick’s Sporting Goods Grant.  Ten schools received $2000 each.

Derek went over the 2022 Calendar emphasizing the Due dates of Hall of Fame nominations, Assistant Coach of the Year, Middle School Coach of Year, and Board positions.

The last Business item was Derek Youngblood’s announcing that the Dulas will retire from the SCACA Office/Positions effective Dec. 31, 2023. A committee composed of Past Presidents and the current President are in the process of developing a job description, the selection process, and the transition plans.

The next Board Meeting will be March 3, 2022 at the SCHSL Office or an alternate site.

President Derek Youngblood adjourned the meeting.