On January 17, 1946, a group of South Carolina high school coaches met for the purpose of organizing a high school coaches association. This meeting was held at the Field House on the University of South Carolina campus. Mr. Dwight Keith, secretary of the Georgia Coaches Association met with this group and offered many helpful suggestions. A constitution was adopted, a slate of officers were elected and the South Carolina Athletic Coaches Association was off and running.

The SCACA first coaches clinic was held in July of 1946 in Columbia, SC.

Since 1946, our membership has grown from 50 in 1946 to 6,745 in 2021 South Carolina high school coaches. The SCACA sponsors all-star events in Baseball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Football, Boys & Girls Golf, Boys Soccer, Girls Soccer, Softball, Boys Tennis, Girls Tennis, Volleyball, and Wrestling.

In 1992, we began awarding our State Coaches of the Year with gold rings. In 1993, we inducted our first members of the SCACA Hall of Fame.

The SCACA conducts clinics which stress proper techniques, strategies, rules, sportsmanship and the development of the total person for coaches and players.